Monday, 18 August 2008

10th September - Penny Poyzer - How green is your business?

The Women's Network returns in September to all things eco as we host the second Green & Organic exhibition. Penney Poyzer, BBC presenter of No Waste Like Home and author of 'The Virgin Green Guide' will give a bracing insight into the steps you and your business can take to do your bit, and help save our environment. Let's face it, it's an issue that takes a bit of a back burner for most of us. We think we're too busy and hope others have got it in hand. But it's the small steps you can take which really do make a massive difference. As Penney points out '...we have one planet and one set of resources and we are in a race against time!' Increasingly your customers will be asking you 'What are you and your business doing to help?'

And there's more ....taking a break over summer means we're back with a treble bill for September's meeting. Straight after Penney, Jay and Lou from Savvy Style Consultants are running a Ditch2Switch Clothes Swap.

How many unworn items have you got in your wardrobe? Fact is most of us wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time and every year 2 billion items get chucked in the bin. Bring along up to five clean, quality items to swap and with advice from this award winning duo, you could be cutting your best deal of the day!

And more! Arrive early to browse our exhibition and some specially selected eco-stands and products including Network member, the Green Box Shop. You can check out what's on offer at our Green & Organic blog.

So, to sum all these treats up - it's lovely lunch and networking from noon or arrive early to browse. Penney's presentation from 12.50pm and Ditch2Switch from 2pm. All this for £15 including lunch! £10 for Network members. Download the booking form now. You don't have to book but it helps us with the catering and you get a badge and a free gift if you do!