Wednesday, 29 October 2008

November 12th - Getting ahead with your values intact

Can you really have your cake and eat it? Yes!
Are all of your values being met? Are there any that are unfulfilled?
When your values aren’t being met, it gives rise to dissatisfaction, conflict, disillusion and stress, and your energy drains away.

Vanessa Boon offers a thought-provoking and fun session to help you explore
your values and how they can help you to re-energise
and unlock your full potential.

This session will help you to identify what you really want from your business, for your relationships, your community and what you want just for yourself!

Navigate politics, sabotage and ethical dilemmas with style using practical tools such as the ‘Windfall Challenge’, awareness of your ‘head tapes’ and the satisfaction you can enjoy by ‘leaving the ladder down’.

Get ahead and get what you want – with grace!
About The Speaker

Vanessa launched Energise in May 2007, following a career in Human Resources and Diversity. When deciding on a name for her business, she looked back at appraisals and feedback from training events – recurring descriptions included ‘dynamic’ and ‘creative’ and ‘energising’, and so Energise was born.