Thursday, 25 September 2008

Oct 8th Unweaving the web and turning visitors into customers

"My,what a tangled web we weave..."

Do you have any of these issues about your website?

- " I don't know where to start."
- "I don't know how to choose a designer."
- "I don't know what it will cost."
- "How do I know what I am paying for."
- "What do I do next."

If so, on Wednesday 8th October you will find answers with help from Kirsty Farrelly of the Open Book Agency.

If you are passionate about your business then you need a site that shows that passion to your visitors. Only then can you make the connection you need. With web skills backed by 17 years of retail management, Kirsty offers a unique approach to the world of the web. She can guide you to create a clear concise message and the right first, all important impression of your business.

In small manageable chunks, she will ensure you gain a clearer understanding of what works (and what doesn't) on websites. Once you realise the practical, basic principles of website design and construction you can ensure your website gives you the best value for money, maximizes your sales and offers your visitors and customers the best experience possible.

The Open Book Agency offers you and your organisation web training, web consultation, web usability testing, search engine optimisation advice and guidance, social networking strategies and web marketing advice and training. Helping you to save and make money.

Join us at 12 noon on 8th October - booking form