Tuesday, 15 April 2008

May 14th - Suze Watts - 'Branding on a Budget'

Having a 50 page glossy brochure is pretty much out of the question for most small businesses. But there are lots of options available for smaller budgets which, used effectively, can form the basis for a strong and continuing brand promotion. Looking after your brand is critical - it is the visual representation of your business! Suze will be:

• sharing knowledge of brand development
• giving ideas on cost effective marketing literature & promo items
• sharing tips on making the most of your visual space on these items

Suze is an experienced graphic designer with over ten years in the industry - five as director of her own business, Fatcactus. She is now creative director and 50% owner of The New Fat, a Nottingham design agency offering creative design for brand communications.

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

April 9th - Susan Luke on 'Presenting Confidently'

Susan Luke, professional trainer,accredited coach and advocate provided a superb, comprehensive introduction to presentation skills, including lots of practical points on how to appear calm, confident and capable. She guided us through the critical preparation stages, including advice on the audience, content, the environment and preparing yourself (right down to your undies!) The Network audience was unanimous in appreciation. "Excellent speaker." "Thank you for practical advice I can use." In my case I used it much of it two days later in a presentation for Intelligence East Midlands - especially the bit about not taking too much notice of your audience's facial expressions!

There's no getting away from the need to make good, effective presentations in business and it's an area that calls for a little investment in yourself. You are your business's greatest asset after all! To help develop your skills, Susan's offering a half-day session at View from the Top on April 30th. Check out the details and Susan's website www.selcoaching.co.uk.